We offer Online Personal Coaching, Group Training, Multiple Sports Programs, General Programs, and Video Analysis.

Online Personal Coaching

All memberships include free features like communication with a personal coach, forums to discuss with other clients on the website, a mobile app to access your program on the go, and exclusive access to articles written by Brian Reisenauer concerning a variety of topics. We offer programming for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, High Intensity Interval Training, Endurance Training, Multisport Supplement Training, as well as other training programs. View our membership plans below.


The gold package receives the same individualized program the silver package receives, but with the addition of unlimited video analysis by your own personal coach.


The silver package is an individualized program created specifically for the individual that addresses goals, strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances.


Our Nutrition plan is built just for you and your goals. Receive macro planning that is updated weekly to help you obtain your goals with your personal nutrition coach.


You will receive all of the benefits of our customized programming and video analysis of the Gold Membership and the inclusion of your own custom Macro Plan for your Nutrition. Any serious athletes looking to compete should consider this package to achieve their ultimate athletic potential.

General Programs

These tried and true programs are developed to achieve individual goals. Our general programs are built right into the website and can be easily accessed online through the website or through our online app.

Group Training

Kilo for Kilo Strength & Conditioning offers programming for Barbell clubs, Crossfit Boxes, Teams, and Groups interested in a group training plan.

Multiple Sports Programs

Kilo for Kilo Strength & Conditioning offers programs for several sports and sport aspects. These sports include Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit or High Intensity Interval Training, Supplemental work for Sport, Skill work for Crossfit, Endurance and Conditioning, Flexibility and Mobility, as well as other aspects of training.