Our Facility

We offer a number of classes and membership packages specially designed to help you get the most out of your membership

All memberships include free features like communication with a personal coach, forums to discuss with other clients in our online community, and a mobile app to access workouts on the go.

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20165 N 67th Ave Suite 101, Glendale, AZ 85308


Our Conditioning Membership Plan gives you access to all of our conditioning classes.  These classes are utilize different fitness methods including high-intensity interval training, strength training, and cardio.

  • Conditioning Membership
    $99 Monthly
    • Small Group Environment
    • All skill levels
    • Unlimited classes
    • Quick workouts
    • Build Muscle, Lose Fat
    • Improve movement and functionality


The Strength Membership Plan gives you access to all of Strength classes.  These classes are specially programmed to help build strength for powerlifters, weightlifters, athletes, and those looking to get stronger.

  • Strength Membership
    $99 Monthly
    • Access to both a Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting Programs
    • Access to gym during both open gym hours and scheduled coached hours
    • Unlimited visits
    • Build Muscle; Lose Fat
    • Improve Technique


The Unlimited Membership Plan gives you access to all of our classes, as well as open gym.  This plan gives you the freedom to choose which classes and programs to follow based on your personal preferences.

Youth Weightlifting

The Youth Weightlifting Membership plan is designed for beginners.  This class focuses on technique and skill while building a foundation that kids and teens can use in conjunction with other sports and activities.  This class is primarily for those over the age of 7.

  • Youth Weightlifting
    $69 Monthly
    • Ages 7 and up (depending on abilities)
    • Learn the Olympic Lifts
    • Improve Athletic ability and movement
    • Healthy activity to improve health and wellness

Open Gym

The Open Gym Membership gives you full access to the gym during open gym hours.  While coaches will be available during open gym if you have questions, this class is not coached, giving you the freedom to work on any workouts or exercises you choose.

  • Open Gym
    $50 Monthly
    • Access to our facility and equipment
    • Freedom to follow your own program
    • No pressure coaching

Unlimited Class with Custom Programming

The Unlimited Class Plan with Custom Programming was designed for those with specific goals in mind.  We will design a workout program just for you.  This plan gives you access to all of our classes and open gym so you can better reach your goals.