Grocery Shopping: Our weekly list

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People are always asking me about the things we cook at our house.   What things make our weekly shopping list?  What meals are we making that would allow Brian to drop 5 lbs in one week? (note: our meals don’t seem to have that same effect on me)

We’ve been deemed as “really healthy” by our family, friends, and coworkers, but for some reason those around us seem to believe that the only way to be really healthy is following a fad diet like the Ketogenic diet, or being Paleo.

What do We Eat?

While we don’t follow a restrictive diet like either of those, we do have a few guidelines that we try to stick to…but the main thing is it has to be SIMPLE!  Our schedules don’t allow either of us to spend hours on end doing meal prep, and on the off chance we do have that kind of free time, you can bet we’re probably napping (which maybe happens once a month).

To give you an inside peek at what kinds of foods we eat, I put together a shopping list of all the things of all the things we buy fairly regularly.

When we go grocery shopping, we try to buy versatile items that we can make a variety of meals out of with minimal effort and minimal time.  You’ll notice that things like kale, spaghetti squash, lettuce, and brussel sprouts aren’t on this list…that’s because they’re all gross.  You will NEVER find a head of lettuce or a salad in our house!

How we decide what to buy and what not to buy

There are so many different options to choose from for just about all of our favorite foods. So how do we decide what to buy?

All of the foods we buy at the grocery store have to meet this our “healthy” criteria:

We’ve found tons of meals and products that are amazing alternatives to our favorites, and ultimately that’s how we’ve been able to stick with our diet.  We try really hard not to eliminate our favorite foods (tacos).  I’m a firm believer that being told you can’t have something at all only makes you want it more. So if a diet tells me I absolutely can’t have cheese or carbs!?!  Sorry. No thanks. Not for me!

My food not only has to look and smell good, it has to have flavor!  It it didn’t you can bet I’ll have a hard time sticking to any diet.

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