My athletic journey started at a young age. Sports dominated my life growing up.  I excelled in Wrestling and Gymnastics, and was gifted enough to place at National level competitions in both sports.  In high school, I was a Two-time state wrestling champion, I had competed on an international level, and received a high national ranking. I went on to wrestle at the Collegiate level for a Division II school in Minnesota. During my tenure my team was able to win a National Championship and several other high national accomplishments. After my collegiate career I attempted to make the 2012 Greco-Roman Olympic Wrestling team. However, I fell short of my dream and soon after retired from the sport of wrestling.

A few years later I was introduced to Crossfit and a new competitive flame was lit. I enjoyed working out and competing at local competitions with my friends at my local box. Heavy lifting was my strong suit, and a coach at my box  suggested I try Olympic Weightlifting.  After my first competition I became infatuated with the sport and worked to learn everything about the sport of weightlifting and strength training sports.

He received my USAW level 1 and level 2 Coaching Certification.  Since then I have set up and coached several successful barbell clubs in New York City, NY, Phoenix, AZ, and Fargo, ND. He has produced a number of National level and International level lifters as well as aided in developing collegiate athletes in a variety of sports.

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World Weightlifting Championships – 56kg – 9th Place

Pan American Games 2017 –  Team Member – 56kg

American Open Finals

  • 2018 – 61kg –  2nd Overall
  • 2016 – 56kg – 1st Overall
  • 2015 – 56kg – 2nd Overall
  • 2014 – 56kg –  5th Overall

National Championships – 56kg

  • 2017 – 2nd in Total, 1st in Clean and Jerk
  • 2016 – 2nd Clean and Jerk
  • 2015 – 3rd Clean and Jerk

American Open Series

  • 2018 – AOS 3 – 61kg – 2nd Overall
  • 2017 – AOS 2 – 56kg – 1st Overall