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We strive to create the best circumstances for you to achieve your goals with an easy, hassle-free process to develop as an athlete. Our ultimate goal is to make you the best pound for pound, kilo for kilo, athlete that you can be.
Our newest FREE service is here!! The Efficiency Calculator created by Brian Reisenauer will help you  find your weaknesses in your strength. Get FREE recommendations of various lifts and programs to help you strengthen your weaknesses and get stronger!
  • After my first program with Brian, I increased my front and back squat by 20 pounds. Strength has always been something I’ve chased, but it never came so quickly as it did with his help and encouragement. I’ve also hit meet PRs since I’ve had Brian as a coach whereas before I never lifted to my potential at meets. I feel lucky to have him in my corner.

    Andy Ptacek
    Andy Ptacek
  • Brian has helped me achieve long term goals faster than I expected. He is so good at figuring out where I need to gain strength, technique or confidence and because of this I continue to progress through each program he develops for me.

    Amberly Moscop
    Amberly Moscop


We offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, as well as video analysis.


It all started by my introduction to CrossFit, in Fargo, ND.


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